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The USS Gygax is a correspondence chapter of STARFLEET International, based out of Redding, California within STARFLEET Region Four (Nevada, Arizona, California, and Hawai'i).  Named in honor of the late, great Gary Gygax, we are a group of old and new-school gamers who share a deep fandom of Star Trek.

Gygax' primary mission is to bring gamers together in their love of all things Star Trek, from Massively-Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG), to MUD/MUSH/MOOs and everything in between.    Although we are located on the west coast, we welcome everyone to come aboard.  We have members in most SFI regions, so don't let distance bother you.  If you like Trek gaming in all forms as much as we do, this is your home chapter!

To learn more about signing on as a crewmember of Gygax, please register for an account on our forums and write of your interest in the appropriate board.  If you have any questions regarding membership, we recommend registering to form an identity and posting your questions so our recruitment officers and enlisted can assist you in understanding if you can join us here.