SFA Chaplain Services College of Spirituality

Starfleet Academy is available free to members of Starfleet: The International Fan Association, Inc.

The Chaplain Services College of Spirituality gives the student general knowledge and history about Chaplains as well as aspects regarding the realm of religion within the real world and the world of Star Trek. Those who successfully complete the required prerequisites of all courses made available are given the opportunity to be certified as an official STARFLEET Chaplain.

100 Level Exams
These courses offer some of the basics and general information regarding the history of Chaplains in times of conflict and the related duties thereof, along with the area of religion in the Star Trek series. There are no prerequisites for this level of courses.
CSCS101 – Duties of a Chaplain
– Spiritual Counseling
– History of the Civil War Chaplains
– Chaplains of the Revolutionary War
– Religion in Star Trek

200 Level Exams
The military Chaplain has a long and profound history. These courses go into detail in a 5-part series on the requirements and history of the Chaplain Corps. Prerequisites include successful completion of the CSCS-101 course.
CSCS201 – The Military Chaplain, Part 1
CSCS202 – The Military Chaplain, Part 2
CSCS203 – The Military Chaplain, Part 3
CSCS204 – The Military Chaplain, Part 4
CSCS205 – The Military Chaplain, Part 5

300 Level Exams
There have been many significant contributions made to the world of chaplains over the years. These two courses offered simply ask the student to provide, in an essay form of one or two pages, a response on some of these great men and women. Prerequisites include successful completion of the CSCS-101 course.
CSCS301 – Military Chaplain Essay 1
CSCS302 – Military Chaplain Essay 2


Source/reference materials will be provided as applicable.